Senior Pastor Rick Skelton

Pastor Rick Skelton

I grew up in East Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from East Detroit High School. I was a small guy and got picked on a lot, so to have friends I got involved in drugs, drinking, and street gangs. In 1973, I moved with my family to California and I wanted to have a new start on life. I met my wife and we later got married, but unfortunately I started drinking and doing drugs again, so we had a pretty rough start. Even after we had our first daughter, Crystal, the drinking and drugs didn't stop. Even the last six months before I gave my life to Christ I developed a serious addiction to cocaine and was dealing drugs to people I shouldn't have been around. Because of all this, I had guys from motorcycle gangs looking for me, and they even tried breaking into my garage to steal my guns and 1955 panhead Harley Davidson. Consequently, all this trouble also put my family in danger, so my wife ended up hating me. And although I had told her I was going to kill her if she did, she was threatening to leave me.

On Saturday, April 4th, 1981 I came home from the bar at 10:35 p.m., sat in my chair, and put my gun on the table. I had a Seagram's and Seven Up in one hand and a joint in the other while I was channel surfing the TV. I switched to channel 40 and thought that the people on there must have had better drugs than me because they looked so happy. Dwight Thompson was speaking and it seemed like he was talking right to me, and as he spoke God softened my heart to hear what he was saying. He gave the invitation to receive Christ, so my wife, who was standing there, and I prayed with him. I will never forget that moment! Afterwards I got rid of all my drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes and the following Sunday to my family to Calvary Chapel West Covina where Raul Ries was the Senior Pastor. A month later I got involved in the Usher Ministry because I wanted to help and be a part of what God was doing. And after a while, I was asked into leadership where served in almost every ministry until I moved up to Hesperia. Before moving, however, I wanted to make sure there was a Calvary Chapel that I could get plugged in to. So I found Calvary Chapel High Desert, where Dennis Davenport was Senior Pastor, and got involved in the ministry. I served for 14 years, with 7 of those 14 being on staff full time. God then moved on my heart to start a Bible study here in Adelanto! What an awesome God we serve! After confirmation through the Word, prayer, and fasting, the Lord sent my family and I out to pastor the fellowship here in Adelanto! My wife and I are really excited about what God has done and is continuing to do!

Praise His Holy Name!