Rick Skelton - Senior Pastor

I grew up in East Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from East Detroit High School. I was a small guy and got picked on a lot, so to have friends I got involved in drugs, drinking, and street gangs. In 1973, I moved with my family to California and I wanted to have a new start on life. I met my wife and we later got married, but unfortunately I started drinking and doing drugs again, so we had a pretty rough start. Even after we had our first daughter, Crystal, the drinking and drugs didn't stop...

Pastor Rick Skelton

Pastor Dave Blevins

Dave Blevins - Pastor

In 1956, my Dad and Mom packed up our small family and moved us from our home town in East Tennessee to Southern California. My Dad had accepted a job as a school teacher in the fast growing suburbs of Los Angeles and we eventually settled in La Puente. My Dad was raised in the Methodist Church and my Mom as a Southern Baptist. The folks made sure that we prayed at every meal and my Mom prayed with us kids almost every night. We always had a Bible in the house but, being part of the original "Television Generation", we were soon addicted to T.V. which hindered both our spiritual and academic growth...

Mike Gist - Pastor

I was born an orphan in Tokyo, Japan. My adoptive parents adopted me when I was four years old. We came back to the United States when I was five and about a year later, my mother filed for divorce from my father. My mother and I moved to Southern California where my mom had relatives. I had attended Catholic church during the short time my parents were married and I remember praying every night that my parents would get back together. I did that for the next couple of years as my mom and I moved around during my early childhood. I remember believing in God then because he had sent me a mother and father that wanted me...

Pastor Mike Gist

Pastor Steve Cervino

Steve Cervino - Children's Ministry Pastor

Martin Magdaleno - Spanish Pastor

Pastor Martin Magdaleno